Polar rock drill oils

High heat tolerant - Rejects water/ice/carbon buildup - fog suppressing 

heat reduces conventional rdo effectiveness and increases wear - what does downtime cost?
Rejects water / ice

Polar film prevents water from contacting or adhering on metal surfaces, resisting rust and the formation of ice buildup at the muffler.

Polar adhesion

Polar formulas adhere to all metal surfaces, protecting against wear, especially excessive wear during start up and rigorous drilling conditions, when up to 70% of wear occurs. 

Superior wear protection

These pictures provide a comparison of the wear reduction in Liquid Shield Lubricants versus regular rock drill oil, based on four ball wear tests conducted in a lab. In real life conditions, wear reduction is even greater, as our polar fluids resist washout by water. 

Repousse l'eau 

Le film polaire empêche l'eau d'entrer en contact ou d'adhérer sur les surfaces métalliques, de résister à la rouille et à la formation de glace au niveau du silencieux.

Adhésion polaire

Les formules polaires garantissent une adhérence fiable sur toutes les surfaces métalliques et protègent contre l'usure. Aide à protéger contre l'usure excessive pendant le démarrage et les conditions de forage à haute énergie, jusqu'à 70% d'usure.

Protection supérieure contre l'usure

Les lubrifiants polaires sont bien connus pour leur capacité à réduire l’usure dans les équipements. En outre, les additifs barrières à l’eau contenus dans les huiles Liquid Shield empêchent l’eau de laver le lubrifiant des surfaces de l’outil, ce qui entraîne une réduction de l’usure supérieure à celle habituelle des tests de laboratoire. Les images au dessous comparent la réduction de l'usure avec lubrifiants Liquid Shield par rapport à l'huile de forage ordinaire, vérifié par les tests d'usure de quatre balles dans un laboratoire.


Available in 4, 8, 20, 205 and 1000 litre containers

Available in 4, 8, 20 205 and 1000 litre containers

About us

Liquid Solutions Inc. has been formulating and manufacturing polar lubricants since1998. Our focus is to produce high performance products at economical prices. Raw materials are globally sourced from the most technologically advanced manufacturers available.

Advantages of our products

The top pictures indicate how compressed air keeps tool surfaces cool while drilling, but as soon as drilling is paused, the heat stored in the core of the components radiates to the parts surface, potentially overheating the RDO. This causes the  formation of carbon, with subsequent loss of lubricity, after which wear is accelerated.
The lower picture indicates the fate of various rock drill oils when subjected to 425F. for 5 minutes, which occurs when the drill is paused. RDO lubricants are injected into the compressed air stream at approximately 2 ppm, resulting in a very thin lubricating film. That is why the flash points provided by RDO manufacturers are not a reliable indicator of how the RDO will perform in actual field conditions. The above pictures show the real story.
Suppress Fog

Polar formulas adhere to the drill, minimizing oil fog.

Reduced slip and fall hazards

Oil stays on the tool where it belongs.

Suitable for all compressed air tools

Jacklegs, stopers, bolters, pumps, air cylinders, jumbos, VSM's, etc.

Cleaner work environment

Oil fog coats skin, and dust sticks to the oil. Less fog - less oil on skin.

Available viscosities

Always use the viscosity recommended by your tool manufacturer. Using an oil that is too high for the conditions in the mine can cause the tool to run hot and produce odours.

LS 100 - For all compressed air equipment - jacklegs, stopers, air motors, air cylinders, in cold conditions to -35C

 LS-150 - For all compressed air equipment in warm conditions

 LS-220 - Specially formulated for high volume / high pressure conditions such as jumbos, VSM's, and for very hot mines

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