Particle size matters when it comes to respiratory hazards


As Liquid Shield polar rock particles collide in the tool, they adhere to each other and to the walls of the tool, building into larger particles as they approach the muffler.

Oil mist settling rates

Large oil mist particles settle much more quickly than small particles, which can remain airborne for longer periods of time and present a greater inhalation hazard. 

Bigger is Better

When it comes to oil particles expelled from the tool, size matters. Large particles tend to settle out rapidly, avoiding inhalation. Those particles that are inhaled tend to remain in the upper respiratory tract, posing minimal risk to personnel.



Graphic representation of relative particle sizes

Available in 4, 8, 20 205 and 1000 litre containers

Liquid Shield polar rock drill oils maintain a cleaner working environment, so miners are cleaner at the end of a shift, especially important for raise mining.

Heat is the enemy of rock drill oils

Conventional rock drill oils begin to break down, or "coke" as equipment operating temperatures exceed 390F. (198C). During normal operation, the flow of compressed air keeps tool surfaces cool. But during interrupted drilling, internal heat can rapidly exceed that temperature, causing carbon deposits that accelerate tool wear.  Burnt oil can also produce oil smoke, and minute smoke particles can potentially harm lungs, as indicated in the accompanying graph. Liquid Shield polar rock drill oils have a much higher temperature tolerance, and reduce the buildup of carbon on tool parts, especially around the piston.

New piston on the left and carbonized piston


Examples of our products

Severely processed

Our base fluids are selected based on purity and safety and performance.


Ideal for cool mines down to -35C.


For allJacklegs, stopers, bolters, pumps, air cylinders, jumbos, VSM's, etc.


Specially formulated for high temperature and high volume / high velocity equipment such as VSM's, shaft jumbos.

Available viscosities

When selecting a viscosity for large bore equipment, such as VSM's and shaft jumbos, a higher viscosity oil will help to keep more oil in the tool and promote superior lubrication.

LS 100 - For all compressed air equipment - jacklegs, stopers, air motors, air cylinders, in cold conditions to -35C.

 LS-150 - For all compressed air equipment in warm conditions.

 LS-220 - Specially formulated for high volume / high pressure conditions such as jumbos, VSM's, and for very hot mines.

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